Writing Samples

All Bleeding Stops Eventually: Blog post on Stop the Bleed or general bleeding control training, its utility, and the criticism against it. Written 2018/11/19, 1800 words. 

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: Refugees and Terrorism: Op-Ed written about the risk (or lack-thereof) of refugee programs. Primarily focused on the figure you only have a one in 3.64 billion chance of being killed by a refugee often quoted in the media. Written 2017/03/03, 500 words. 

600,000 Burning Libraries: Personal essay memorializing my grandfather. Written 2017/05/29, 800 words.

Is This a Real Plan or Just a Fantasy? Five Characteristics of Fantasy Documents: Essay discussing the concept of fantasy documents (coined by Lee Clarke), and it’s application to emergency planning. Written 2018/10/09, 1100 words. 

Impact of Pharmaceutical Pricing on Healthcare Access in the Developing World: Academic paper examining the impact of pharmaceutical pricing and intellectual property agreements on healthcare access in the developing world. This paper was presented at the Social Research Social Justice (SRSJ) Conference at Muhlenburg College Written 2016/04/05, 3700 words. Paper Download (PDF), Presentation Download (PDF