Frequently Asked Question

What the hell do these categories even mean can’t you be normal for once in your life Brendan?

First, no, no I cannot.

The categories are a tongue and cheek adaption from an article in Areo Magazine titled Separating Art from Propaganda. Quoting the author;

[T]his article is propaganda. It was written to change your mind. I have a point to make and an argument to support this point, with the intended result that the reader believes this point as well. This article is not up for interpretation; the reader must finish the piece thinking as I do — anything different is failure

Articles categorized as propaganda are ones where I am making an argument and trying to bring you around to my point of view on a topic.

Articles categorized as art are, mostly personal, explorations of a topic. I’m not explicitly trying to make a point or convince you, dear reader, of anything in particular.

Articles categorized as technical err towards technical, professional, or academic explanations of one topic or another where I have some expertise.

I understand that these are not entirely discrete categories, but take it as insight into my intentions rather than a strict taxonomy.