This is a personal site for things I write. No guarantee is made about what kind of content will be found here other than it’ll be written by me.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, nothing written here represents the views of my employer or any organization I am associated with.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise my past views do not necessarily reflect my current views. If you’re curious about something I wrote or thought years ago, ask.

I recognize that blogging (or less obnoxiously self-publishing) is at some level an exercise in futility and human ignorance. The reason I’d fire something off here is because it’s a little too long (or boring) for Facebook, and it’s either not of sufficient quality or interest to make it through the submission and editing process at a real publication.

So what makes self-publishing (I’m actually not sure this is less obnoxious) great is also what makes it terrible. I have complete editorial control and publish whatever I want whenever I want, but also I have complete editorial control and can publish whatever I want. Anyone who knows me can tell you how terrifying that prospect is.

So, at the end of the day, many things that appear here will be half-baked, shoddily researched, or a germ of an idea at best. I make no apologies for that. If you’re not paying me to write it you only get to complain so much. I am always open to criticism or clarification.

I reserve the right to edit, alter, or delete posts without notice. Usually this will be typos or errors I notice after publishing something. That said, isn’t the New York Times, I don’t have a Clarifications and Corrections section. Anything which is published elsewhere and cross posted here will appear as it was published unless otherwise noted.

I can be found elsewhere through the social media links on the sidebar. You can reach me directly at [my first name] @ [my last name].net

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