Design Gallery

This is to show some of the media products I have produced for both work and personal use. The purpose of this is not to show myself as an expert designer, photographer, or videographer (I am not), but to show a breadth of skills which are good enough in a pinch (or when budgets for outside vendors are tight)

Evacuation Signage

These are rapid mock-ups of evacuation signage I made for two of our campuses. These were done in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator based on digital floor plans & general specifications. The signage was designed to be temporary for the purpose of inspections & as a place holder until a vendor had made permanent signage for these locations. 

App Installation Instruction Video

This is an instructional video for installing an app used by my department. I shot & edited the video over the course of an afternoon using a spare cell phone and Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Event Photography

Some samples of event photography I’ve done over the years. This work has been featured on websites, marketing & promotional material, and social media accounts of the organizations they were taken for. 

Digital Restoration

This is one of several scans from the New York Public Library I digitally restored and enhanced so I could use it as wall art in my home. This is was done in Adobe Photoshop. 

Dr. Strangelove Mug

At the suggestion of a friend (who is also a Kubrik fan) I designed and had a Dr. Strangelove coffee mug made. This was done by digitally altering two frames from the film then combining them. Below are the original still frames as well as the proof for the mug. 

Q-GIS Site Maps

This is one of a series of maps I produced for inclusion with emergency plans and public documents. This map was produced using Q-GIS and a variety of spatial data-sets from the City of New York. The previous method for creating these maps before I began using Q-GIS was by taking screenshots of Google Maps and adding feature markings in MS Word.